Team members

Group Leader

Associate Professor Amy Cain

A/Prof Amy Cain completed her PhD under Ruth Hall, at the University of Sydney, investigating movement of antibiotic resistance genes in Salmonella enterica.

After a short postdoc in Ian Paulsen’s group at Macquarie, Amy moved to Cambridge, UK, for a postdoc at the Wellcome Sanger Institute under Julian Parkhill – developing bespoke genomics techniques like TraDIS. Next she moved to Malawi in sub-Saharan Africa with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, tracking and sequencing hospital-acquired infections as part of the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Clinical Research Program.

Following a brief stint in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Vertex Fellow in Oxford, UK, Amy has established her own group as an ARC DECRA fellow in Natural Sciences at Macquarie University, focused on developing new antibiotics using functional genomics and the Galleria in vivo model. Currently Amy is an ARC Future Fellow working to build synthetic microbes that degrade plastic waste.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Ram Maharjan

Chemostat and evolutionary biology extraordinaire.

Dr Hue Dinh

Caterpillar whisperer and pharmacology sage

Manager of the Galleria facility

PhD Students

Geri Sullivan

Coding wonder woman and network guru

Nicky Delgado

Evolutionary philosopher and graphics prodigy

Masters Students

Hannah Lott

Co-infection queen and microfluidics savant


Dr Lucie Semenec

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